Contact Us

Contact Prestige Yacht Management and Auto Detailing at:

Prestige Yacht Management Main Office

7330 Edgewood Road

Suite 6

Annapolis, MD 21403

Office: 410-267-6860

Fax:  410-267-0029


Prestige Mailing Address

PO Box 3171

Annapolis, MD 21403


Prestige Yacht Management Shop

7346 Edgewood Road

Annapolis, MD 21403


Hours of Operation: 

Office: Monday-Friday 8-5:00

Haul Out Facility: By Appointment Only

Car Wash: By Appointment Only

Monday- Friday 8am- 5pm

Directions to our Corporate Office:

Our office is located on the property of  Bert Jabins Yacht Yard, 7330 Edgewood Rd., Suite 6 in Annapolis, MD. Located just behind Bert Jabin’s main office on the second floor.

Office final

Directions to the new car detailing location:

Our Car Wash is located at 7364 Edgewood Rd, Annapolis MD 21401.  Take MD 665 East/Forrest Drive to Edgewood Rd.  Go down Edgewood Rd till you see the two flags.  One is white and one is blue with Prestige written on them.  Turn left and go all the way back.  You’ll see a white awning on the left.  That is our auto detailing and haul out facility.  Please call the office to set up an appointment.  410-267-6860.

Directions to our Haul Out Facility:  

Our Haul Out Yard is located at 7364 Edgewood Rd. in Annapolis, MD. Look for the blue and white Prestige flags, turn there and go all the way to the back.