2015 Bottom Paint

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I hope the New Year is treating you well. Prestige is trying to take a proactive approach in preparing for the 2015 spring commissioning season. We would like to discuss the bottom painting and other needs for your boat to make it ready for launch. By sanding the bottom on warmer winter days we can expedite the process of getting the boat ready for launch once the weather finally breaks, and help you avoid the rush. If your boat is already hauled for the winter, we are able to spread the payment for bottom painting into two parts, half due when the sanding/prep work has begun, and the remainder due upon completion. By sanding the bottom on milder winter days, the boats bottom is able to really dry out and lower the level of trapped moisture that could eventually lead to blisters. If you need to make plans for a haul out in the spring, Prestige is able to help with our facility on Back Creek in Annapolis.

While the boat is on land, it’s also an ideal time to perform the following services:

  • Propeller reconditioning and tuning
  • PropSpeed or other antifouling coatings for underwater metals
  • Water pump impellers and gear lube
  • Zinc replacement
  • Hull waxing or complete detailing
  • Fiberglass, gel cote, and paint repairs

Winter Auto Promo

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With the purchase of Complete Auto Detailing…Prestige Detailing is offering a 50% discount off the full retail value on a full Complete Detail  on an additional vehicle scheduled within 90 days of service of that first vehicle.  This offer expires February 28,2015. 

Why should you bother waxing your car?

You’ve got a million projects on your “to do list.” Waxing may seem like little more than a vanity project. Call Prestige Detailing and we will do all the work for you. Waxing can lead to a variety of benefits, some of which can positively impact your car’s performance. Here are 5 reasons to get started:

 1. Protect your car against scratches.

Whether you own or lease your vehicle, you must contend with all types of wear and tear. Waxing can’t prevent this damage. But it can do a better job than most primers and paints. A clear wax coat will seal in the paint and provide a shield against bird doo, exhaust, UV light, sand and grit.

 2. Protect the paint.

When you wash an unwaxed car, the grit and grime can scrape against the paint (or primer) and further degrade the surface. Wax creates a barrier between the paint and the outside world.

 3. Reduce the cost of repairs and refinishing.

If you lease, the dealership will want to inspect your vehicle at the end of the lease period. If there’s substantial damage – including discoloration, scratches, or paint issues – the costs will come out of your pocket.

 4. Take better care of your car to become a better driver.

Some research suggests that owners who drive neater cars drive safer. The theory makes sense. If you’re excited to drive – that is, if you keep your car clean of debris and wash and vacuum regularly – you’ll be more likely to take other actions to keep your car running well. For instance, you might be more likely to change your fluids on time, per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You might keep your windshield cleaner… and thus be able to see the road more clearly, etc. By investing in good car care, you indirectly invest in your own safety.

Waxing your car does not need to be a  whole Sunday afternoon job. Call Prestige to schedule your appointment.  410-267-6860

Beneteau Swift Trawler Teak Refinishing

Beneteau Swift Trawler Teak work work_2

Please call or email our office for a quote on Teak work.




Boating Tips

Saltwater does awful things to submerged metals. It’s imperative to remove props and stern drive lower units annually to grease shafts, U-joints, & bearings. If not the repairs can be costly. This propeller was seized to the prop shaft due to corrosion. We broke a prop puller and 3 ton jack trying to remove it, and ultimately had to cut it off the shaft.

image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 Prop Hub Propshaft