Interior Cleaning

You spend a lot of time in your cabin, so let us worry about the interior cleaning.

You can call for a one time cleaning, or enroll in a scheduled maintenance program to go along with your wash program. The interior cleanings are broken down into two levels:

  1. Light Interior – Carpets are vacuumed, all surfaces are wiped down, including ceilings, bathrooms, dining areas and kitchens. Any wood surfaces will be cleaned and furniture polish will be applied.
  2. In-Depth Interior – Everything covered in the light interior, as well as cleaning inside of cabinets, lockers, appliances etc. The cost is higher but we are more thorough.

If you have a special request for your vessel, please let us know during the scheduling process and we will do our best to make sure your needs are met. For any and all services, if scheduling conflicts arise, please contact us immediately and inform us so that we can appropriately manage the calendar. In the event that a conflict arises on our end, we will reach you as soon as possible to resolve the issue and work with your schedule. Your time is very important to us and we are flexible with scheduling services.

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