Shrink Wrapping

Shrinkwrapping on a lift

Shrink wrapping your boat is the best way to protect it during storage or transport.

First the boat is supported with lines, then a sheet of plastic is cut and heated to conform to the boat. Special precautions are made to protect components from damage and surfaces from scratching.  Vents are installed to prevent mold and mildew over the winter. A door can be installed if you need to access the boat while its stored. This can be done even if your boat is on a lift or in the water. Shrink-wrapping your boat is a great way to protect it and keep it clean during transport. We take special precautions when wrapping boats for transport.Tarps and covers are not enough to stand up to the harsh winters and snow. Don’t allow costly damage to your boat or covers, have it shrink wrapped for peace of mind. The weight of a heavy snowfall is even enough to cause scuppers to go underwater, and allow water to come in. Also having your boat shrink wrapped allows you to take care of maintenance items over the winter while getting out of the elements.

If you have a special request for your vessel, please let us know during the scheduling process and we will do our best to make sure your needs are met. For any and all services, if scheduling conflicts arise, please contact us immediately and inform us so that we can appropriately manage the calendar. In the event that a conflict arises on our end, we will reach you as soon as possible to resolve the issue and work with your schedule. Your time is very important to us and we are flexible with scheduling services.

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Large Yacht Experts: We have experience shrink wrapping boats up to 85′ that have weathered some of the harshest winters on record for our area. When it comes to wrapping large yachts, we are the company you can trust to do the job right and stand behind it.

Boats are not the only thing we can shrink wrap.

In this picture we are shrink wrapping industrial Mud Mats to keep them protected while out in the elements.

Mud Mats Shrink Wrapping Job 


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