For any questions or concerns, please refer to these FAQ inquiries:

1. What can I do between waxes to keep my boat looking good?

Regularly wash the boat with a mild soap specifically designed for boats. Rinse the area with fresh water and dry with a chamois to avoid spotting. Avoid household or harsh cleaners as they will compromise the wax. If necessary spot clean dirty areas, or use a cleaner wax to remove stains.

2. What products are you using on my boat?

There is no simple answer, we use what we believe are the best products on the market. We use many products with specific purposes. We also blend products depending on the condition of your boat. We use products by Meguires, Collonite, Trewax, and many others. Some products we use are only commercially available.

3. What should I use when cleaning my boat?

Use a mild soap specifically made for boats. Avoid using harsh cleaners that will strip the protective wax. They can also stain fabrics and yellow enclosures. Also avoid abrasive cleaners as tiny scratches will collect dirt and damage the luster and finish. If an area isn’t coming clean with boat soap, spot clean it with a stronger cleaner or use a cleaner wax.

4. How often should I…?

For information on how often you should have certain cleaning and maintenance procedures done, please see our Recommendations page.

5. What are my payment options?

Our crews do not handle payments. A credit card is required to secure your appointment. You will be sent a bill the next business day after the service is performed. You can either mail a check to PO Box 3171, Annapolis MD 21403. You can also use a Master Card or Visa, or bring payment to our office 7330 Edgewood Rd, Suite 6, Annapolis MD 21403. Payment is due within 15 days. If payment is not received in that time frame then the card on file will be run for services provided.

6. What’s included in a complete wax?

With a complete wax the crew will first wash and chamois drying the boat. They will then buff and wax all the smooth fiberglass surfaces, including the helm and cockpit areas. Additionally they will polish stainless steel, and isinglass type enclosures. The crew will also clean vinyl cushions, and if applicable they will clean inside storage lockers, fish boxes, livewells etc.

7. What is the considered the interior?

Basically the area behind a solid door is considered interior.

8. What services do you offer other than detailing?

We are a yacht management company, serving all your boating needs. For a list of our services and more details see our Marine Services page.

9. Bottom Paint Questions?

For information about bottom painting, see our Bottom Painting page.

If this FAQ page didn’t answer any of your questions, feel free to Contact Us.